DMI was founded in 2012.
Our main office is located in bat-yam, Israel, production facilities in tefen industrial park,in the north of Israel.
DMI system was developed by dental professionals with over 20 years of clinical experience in the field of dental implantation.
DMI can offer a wide range of implant and abutment designs that fits most of the major dental implant manufactures as well as dental abutments screws,devices,tools,instruments and fixtures.
DMI is a fast moving,dynamic company with focusing on development,production and marketing of implants,prosthetic parts,bio materials and dental surgical instruments.
Our vision is to be the preferred choice of dentists by offering our clients simple,creative,high-quality yet profitable professional solutions.     
                                                                              QUALITY STANDARDS
strict inspection procedures have been established to ensure that all our dental implant products are in compliance with a wide array of regulatory standards.
ALL our products are manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines established by CE 
                                                                                 certificate CE 0086.
DMI has made a large investment in achieving a high-tech,clean environment for the design and manufacturing of dental products,a goal which requires extensive regulatory compliance.
Our facilities,as well as our design and production processes,are tested routinely by both local and international inspectors.
We posses an in-house, above standard clean-room built specifically for implant cleaning and packaging and use Gamma ray radiation for sterilization of all implants prior to sealing and labeling phases.
DMI's commitment to quality and patient safety is absolute and uncompromising.
We spare no effort in our constant and meticulous monitoring procedures in order to maintain the top quality of our products.
Many of our products and components are subject to a full and thorough inspection during the various stages of production and the entire manufacturing process itself is both monitored and recorded for complete traceability.
                                                                           OUR IMPLANTS SIMPLICITY
All our implants feature internal hex with Ø3.75 universal platform.
All our implants are made of Titanium alloy grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4v-eli).
Titanium has proven to be an ideal implant material, mainly due to its ability to integrate almost completely with the bone tissue and structure into which it is inserted.
                                                                               SURFACE TREATMENT
The surface’s unique roughness and micro-morphology, gained through accurate sandblasting and acid etching processes, expedite the direct attachment of the bone to the implant (osseointegration).

We use Gamma ray radiation for thorough sterilization of our implants prior to sealing and labelling stages.

                                                                              CLINICAL ADVANTAGES
  • The optimal solution for immediate implantation and immediate loading both for single and two-stage procedures.
  • Increased initial stability.
  • Suitable for all bone types, especially low quality bones (D3-D4).
  • Self-directing during insertion. Enables direction changing for optimal restorative position.
  • Suitable for all bone types, ideal for use in bone types (D1-D2).
  • Enables smaller osteotomy resulting in minimal bone loss and reduced trauma.
  • Bone condensing property
  • High initial stability.